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Jan 20, 2014

RF Turner Electronic Circuits

In a search for a RF module which would do everything and be programmed with a MCU I visited several PLL based electronics designs just to find out that nowadays you can get also the MCU included in that single chip RF solution. For example Silicon Labs and Analog Devices have very modern circuits which include PLL, VCO and MCU in a single IC. Lets view some less integrated interesting designs now.

How a modern (20 years modern) RF tuner circuit works

Here is a block diagram of a French design Synthe_BB209 and Synthe_POS150 (see REF /1/). Both are very similar but the latter uses POS150 module as the VCO where as the first one uses discrete components.

20 years modern RF module includes PLL and VCO which are controlled using a MCU.