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Aug 29, 2014

LM Descent to the Moon - Part 2 - Hardware

This part (2) will handle the LM descent hardware in more detail. See part 1 for more general description of the Apollo Lunar Module landing theory and software.

Aug 25, 2014

LM Descent to the Moon - Part 1 - Theory and Software

The LM descent from the CSM (Command Service Module) parking orbit (approximately 62 by 58 nautical miles above Moon surface) is illustrated in the following figure. After the LM and the CSM have undocked and separated to a safe distance of several hundred feet, the LM performs the DOI (Descent Orbit Insertion), which is the first and simplest of the two descent maneuvers.

LM Descent

Aug 19, 2014

Digital's DECSYSTEM-20 - Part 8 - I/O Bulkheads


The DECSYSTEM-20 bulkheads for connecting peripheral devices were located on the back of the mainframe: Basically they were the MASSBUS (I/O processor cabinet) and UNIBUS (front end processor cabinet) bulkheads for connectors.