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Feb 11, 2009

Some Wings

Picture: DC-9 wing

Picture: Boeing 767 Wing

Boeing 767 wing is a nice wing design full of details. First of all the whole leading edge is provided with slats. Slats will delay the stall on all configurations and they increase the wing maximum lift. Wing tips have normal ailerons and the wing has a twist that makes the tip stall latest. That ensures full control even at stall.

Wing inboard section is filled with Fowler flaps. Above flaps there are rows of spoilers. Plane is controlled with ailerons and spoilers. Ailerons are not enough at low speeds so the spoilers are also used. Spoilers function also as air brakes.

Wing inner section (the box spar) is filled with fuel. The box spar also provides the structural strength of the wing.

The following YouTupe video clearly shows how a Boeing 747 uses all spoilers at one side when landing, the tip aileron is totally too uneffective at that situation.

See time 0:07 and forward.

Boeing 767 Inboard Ailerons

Boeing 767 has also an inboard "normal" aileron, which is visible in the next YouTube video.

The famous DC-9 wing (no wing engines) which can produce CLmax = 3.0

notice very clean and simple design.

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