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Dec 31, 2016

DSKY Interface (Part 13, Apollo Control Systems)

(DSKY I/O Interface, Apollo Guidance Computer)

[This article describes how the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was connected to the Display and Keyboard Unit (DSKY). This is rather detailed description about the hardware and gives some light about how various devices were connected to the AGC. Since the connection was digital and parallel no special arrangements was required as with the more sensitive analog interfaces. The text is mainly from reference /1/.]

Figure 1. DSKY (Apollo Guidance Computer Display and Keyboard)

Dec 22, 2016

LM Descent to the Moon - Part 6 - Programming (1971)

(Apollo Lunar-Descent Guidance, 1971)

[The following MIT / NASA's 1971 text, partial reprint of the reference /0/, describes the descent algorithms used in the Apollo Lunar Module computer program (Luminary version 099/1A, about 63,000 lines of YUL assembly code) and flown summer 1969. This paper actually describes an advanced version of the algorithm which was not used since the older version which was more tested at that time (1969) was good enough for the job. What so ever, the text gives a good glance to the manned planetary descent programming.]

Figure 1. Components of the Lunar-Descent Guidance System.

Dec 5, 2016

(Mars) Vehicle "2500" - Part 2 - The Plans

Basically if the target planet or object has less gravity than Mars and/or any atmosphere or not at all like Earth's Moon this vehicle should be fine. It differs from the Apollo Lunar Module in those parts which require aerodynamics but is otherwise similar. It can be used with some amount of AB (aero braking) but it can also handle braking with rockets alone. If much gas is available for braking then less fuel is required and that mass can be used for transport purposes if required. So basically our design is a general purpose lander, but fits best to Mars, Moons etc.

Here is the more detailed general plan of the vehicle "2500".

Figure 1. General purpose lander for Mars, Moons, etc.