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Nov 29, 2015

Soviet Options (1989) for a Manned Mars Landing Mission

This article is a direct reprint of the now unclassified historic article from the CIA WWW library /1/ -- originally printed in 1989. It has lot of interesting details about the Soviet Manned Mars program until 1989. Most likely today the Russian manned Mars mission idea and all over the world is largely similar.

CIA Library (not public)

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Nov 9, 2015

European Service Module (ESM) for Orion Capsule in Production

Airbus Defense and Space (DS) is building the new service module (ESM) for NASA (2015). The structural test version is to be delivered in this month. It looks very much the same as the 1960's version SM which was described in more detail in this article. We all remember the Apollo 13 mishap so lets hope they get everything right with all the numerous pressurized tanks.

The European Service Module made by Airbus DS

Nov 4, 2015

Galileo's Initial Services Will Start 2016 (According to ESA)

The launch of the 11th and 12th satellite in the series on 17 December will mean that the total number of Galileo satellites in space will have doubled within a year, setting the Galileo program on track for the start of initial services during 2016. (See the time table.)

Europe’s 11th and 12th Galileo satellites being unloaded from their Boeing 747 transporter after landing at French Guiana’s Cayenne-Félix Eboué Airport on 30 October 2015.

Solar System Simulator

A handy solar system simulator is available from Solar System Scope. This simulator gives you a better view to our solar system and how the planets rotate around the sun. You can switch to realistic orbits or planet sizes as you wish, the simulation setup is on the left side.

Solar System Simulator snap shot

Press the following link to start the simulation and wait until the flash player loads fully and then click inside the window.

Link to: Solar System Simulator

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