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Jul 17, 2015

Piper Cherokee 140 Checklists and Speeds

Piper Cherokee was introduced in 1960 and is still in production.

Here are the checklists for the Piper Cherokee 140.

The following picture includes all lists in one.

Piper Cherokee 140 Checklists

Here are the V speed designators explained [Piper Cherokee 140 speeds shown].

Vs0   Velocity Stalling everything (flaps, landing gear) Out [55 mph]
Vs, Vs1   Velocity Stalling everything (flaps, landing gear) In [64 mph]
Vfe    Velocity (max) with Flaps Extended [115 mph]
Vno   Velocity (max) Normal Operations [140 mph]
Vne   Velocity Never Exceed [171 mph]
Va     Velocity of Acceleration (max manoeuvering speed) [129 mph]
Vx     Velocity X (Best Angle of Climb, most climb in shortest distance) [74 mph]
Vy     Velocity Y (Best Rate of Climb, most climb in shortest time)  [85 mph]
Vr     Velocity Rotate [55 to 65 mph]
Vbg   Velocity Best Glide [83 mph]

IAS    Indicated Air Speed
CAS   Calibrated Air Speed
TAS   True Air Speed


Important Aircraft speeds and their representation on an airspeed indicator

The White Arc (Vs0 to Vfe)

The Flaps Operating Range is denoted by the White Arc. Flaps may only be used within this range of speeds.

The Green Arc (Vs1 to Vno)

The Green Arc on the Airspeed Indicator depicts the normal operating airspeed range.

The Yellow Arc (Vno to Vne)

Beyond the Green Arc, we see the Yellow Arc. The speed range marked by the Yellow Arc is the Caution Speed Range. The Airspeed range indicated by the Yellow Arc is for Smooth Air Only.

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