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Jul 15, 2015

Jetman Take-off Trolley Idea

We all have seen how the Jetman flies nowadays with his jet powered wing but have you ever been thinking how to do the takeoff without a helicopter.

Jetman Dubai helicopter take-off

Here is an idea of a trolley (or a modified garage creeper) which would assist the takeoff run and then be left behind when enough speed reached.

Jetman Take-off Trolley: A) accelerate to the takeoff speed B) pull up and fly

Since the takeoff speeds of a jetman wing are in the range of 200 km/h the wheels should be modified to give better support in high speeds and also some kind of a front wheel steering should be added. Also it is questionable if the jets in the current configuration can give enough power to win the rolling resistance of the wheels? But what so ever would be the difficulities here is the simple idea presented.

Additionally you may be interested of some Jetman (Dubai) videos:


The following video demonstrates the current Jetman system: helicopter take-off and parachute landing.

Youtube video: "Jetman Dubai : Young Feathers 4K"

Additionally any kind of rocket assisted take-off could be implemented to reduce the take-off costs. A basis for some ideas might be the following F35 ejection seat tests.

Youtube video: "F35 Ejector seat trials"

Youtube video: "Martin-Baker Eurofighter Ejection Seat Testing"

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  1. The best should be to take off and land like a bird anywhere - temporarily increase the thrust vertically and be able to hover for controlled landing. Parachutes are reserved for emergencies. Otherwise still need wheels (perhaps a scooter) on board like Skyflash.