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Aug 3, 2015

Orion Cockpit Update

Some more pictures and videos about the Orion spacecraft cockpit. The basic layout seems to still be the 3 monitor flipped 4:3 size configuration seen in the following picture.

The Orion glass cockpit with 3 display screens.

The idea is to move all the millions switches and panels from old spacecrafts into the screens so that weight and space is saved. Also virtual buttons and switches are more reliable then old mechanical switches (remember the Apollo 11 Lunar Module incidence when a single switch almost disabled the ascent from the Moon). Here are some details what is known.

Orion cockpit, only a minimal amount of mechanical devices are added around the display screens

The several panels in the Apollo era LM and CM are replaced by screens with similar information.

Compare the large Apollo LM panel # 3 in this picture (among many other LM panels) with several functional sections to the current Orion design

Here is the Apollo 11 engine arm switch incidence from source /4/:

"Astronaut Neil Armstrong maneuvered toward the open hatch, aided by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. As Armstrong twisted his bulky suit to head out, unheard in the vacuum of the cabin, something small snapped. Armstrong's backpack had broken off the ascent engine arming switch. But upon their preparation to leave the moon some 21 hours later, Armstrong calmly flipped the broken stub with a ballpoint pen. Another crisis averted, this time courtesy of the Fisher Space Pen."


Youtube video "Orion: Cockpit " by NASA Johnson


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