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Aug 30, 2015

NASA's Orion Capsule Development & Testing Video

Orion capsule after its first real re-entry (EF-1 Dec. 5, 2014) heatshield removed
There is a 1 ½ hour video in Youtube which I have to link here since it contains collected material of Orion capsule's development and testing. I would call Orion just a (re-entry) capsule since a spacecraft is a much larger set and requires the propulsion to get it anywhere at all. Sure if just the gravity assisted space travel was applied .. one might go very far only with the capsule alone but to be more comfort with it there should be some kind of a propulsion reserve to make at least the final burn back to the Earth.

Youtube video: "NASA's Orion Spacecraft Development & Testing (1080p)"

Here is the Orion's first used heatshield going to inspections.

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