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Aug 29, 2015

The Fastest Comfort Travel in Space (by Dr. Michael Minovitch)

Dr. Michael Minovitch introduces in the following video the idea of a very fast and comfort ride everywhere in space. The spacecraft either accelerates or decelerates during the whole journey using 1 G which is natural and most comfort for human. The trajectories are straight lines between any points .. no orbits used. The idea needs of course very powerful fuel and proper fusion engine. But since the fusion is possible .. it most likely will also be available in some scale for humans in the future.

Here is the video:

Youtube video: "11.0 Ground-To-Orbit Fusion Propulsion System for Achieving Commercial Interplanetary Space Travel"

Additional videos:

Youtube: "Magnetoplasma Rocket Engine (Ad Astra) (VASIMR)"

Youtube: "ISS Update: VASIMR Plasma Rocket"

Youtube: "Nuclear Propulsion in Space (1968)"

Youtube: "Ion Propulsion - Deep Space One (Documentary)(Part 1 of 4)"

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