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Jul 14, 2009

Aerial Photography

After doing some studies about  WW2 aerial photo shooting (spy cameras), it seems to be clear that most cameras  look very much the same. The focal length is usually under 1000 mm and you usually need 2 men to carry such a camera. Modern cameras are very much the same but the large film is mostly replaced by digital electronics. Some might have the ability to send the pictures directly and also have the possibility to take video.

There is an interesting history about American aerial photography here.

At the moment this list is not complete.

USA Camera Models

K-17 Camera 

K-24 Camera

K-7 A Camera World's Largest 1929

British Camera Models

F-24 Camera
F-52 Camera

German Camera Models

EK 16 Camera
Rb 50/18 Bomb rack Camera 
Rb 50/30 Camera
Rb 12.5/7x9 Camera

Russian Cameras

Unknown make and type
Maybe later than WW2
Focal length 1000 mm

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