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Jan 9, 2010

Airbus A400M Specifications

According to Airbus Military the A400M is filling an operational AT gap. It gives more tactical capability than C-130 or C-160 and more payload/range than C-17, C-5, An-124 or IL-76/78. In England they know that the main wing is mostly made of carbon fiber. That is where the Airbus wing factory is located.

Airbus A400M capabilities: 30 tons 4500 km, 20 tons 6400 km. Ilyushin Il-76 can transport 40 tons to 5000 km.


The cockpit looks good.

Airbus A400M Wikipedia page.

Download A400M Pocket Guide (pdf).

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  1. She has composite wing spars doesn't she? wonder how they control them for quality