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Dec 17, 2010

Navigation Terminology

After now using MNS (Master Navigator Software) for several years it is time to learn all those abbreviations used in the navigation terminology. Cross Track Error or XTE is the key word for the quality of guidance. If you can keep XTE at it's minimum it is proven that you made the shortest distance from point to point.

Picture: Cross Track Error (XTE)

Here is a typical MNS guidance screen.

Picture: MNS En Route Guidance Screen  

XTE is shown on the right side blue window. At this moment we seem to be 898 meters left of the great circle between Nord and Npole (Nord and Npole are our waypoints) in this leg. When executing the route you should always keep XTE at it's minimum. The total leg distance is 920 km and it's true bearing is 0 degrees.

On the left side blue window you see several other parameters. Here they are explained:
  • WPT - Way point name
  • RTE - Route name
  • DST - Distance to way point or route end point
  • ETA - Estimated time of arrival to the way point or route end point
  • TTG - Time to go to the way point or route end point
  • VMC - Velocity made on course
  • CMG - Course made good
  • BRG - Bearing to the way point
  • LEG - Leg name
  • XTE - Cross track error (L/R = Left or right)
  • COG - Course over ground (Ground path direction)
  • HDG - Heading of the vehicle

Some more waypoint terminology in the following videos. MCDU stands for A320 Multifunction Control Display Unit.

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