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Apr 13, 2011

New (Paraglider) Electric Motors and Controllers

Some new ideas how to get more power to the propeller with less weight.

Werner Eck's motor

Electric Atos Hang Glider

This system gives 30 minute flight time and uses:

Electric Motor: PPSM - Brushless High Power Direct 10, without gearing, free of maintenance, developed by Dr. Ing. Werner Eck.

Controller: Motor Management System and Batterie Management system, developed by Geiger Engineering (Jochen Geiger).

Battery: 14 cells Lithium Ion Polymer, 31Ah, fast chargeable.

Propeller: Low Noise, high efficiency, 1.4 meter (55 inches) folded model developed by Dr. Ing. W. Eck. It spins at 1900 RPM.

Thrust: Static Thrust with "StartBoost" 61.5 kp (135 lbf), continuous 52.4 kp (116 lbf). Flight Thrust at 40 km/h (24.9 mph) 33.5 kp (73.8 lbf).

Weight: 21 kg (61.7 lbs) including battery, motor and harness. HG version weighs 28 kg.

Endurance: 30 minutes in still air with standard paraglider wing.

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1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this wonderful information.
    But with out access to this hardware, I do not fly!
    Is it possible to pass on the location where I can purchase
    this BLDC motor and the folding prop?
    This will be much appreciated.
    John from Victoria Australia.
    ps. not enough hills for take off where I live.