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Mar 29, 2012

Ice Formation On Aircraft

Some interesting videos about ice formation on aircraft.

"Deicing boots are most commonly seen on medium-sized airliners and utility aircraft. Larger airliners and military jets tend to use heating systems that are installed underneath the wing's leading edge, keeping it constantly warm and preventing ice from forming." /1/

"Electrothermal systems usually require substantial electrical power and are generally limited to large aircraft which can supply this energy through generators. Bleed air systems use hot air from the engine exhaust manifolds which is routed via high-pressure ducting (piccolo ducts) /2/ to the leading edge (main) of the wings, and/or horizontal and vertical tail stabilizers." /1/

"Electrothermal ice protection systems are being considered more prominently than boots and bleed air systems on commercial aircraft. General aviation jets also are studying the effect on thrust and fuel consumption of bleed air and additional benefits of its removal." /1/



/2/ More about "piccolo ducts":

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