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Oct 30, 2013

Iron Dome

IRON DOME /1/ /2/

Israel's Iron shield "Iron Dome" against air threats seems to be working.

 A single launcher can protect against a medium-size city

Video: Iron Dome

Iron Dome is an advanced defense system, designed for quick detection, discrimination and interception of rockets & mortar threats with ranges of up to and over 70 km and against aircraft, helicopters, UAVs and PGMs. The system is effective in all weather conditions, including low clouds, rain, dust storms or fog.

Video: Does Israel's Iron Dome Actually Work?

The Iron Dome provides robust, yet selective defense. Its ability to discriminate between threats headed towards the defended area and those that will fall into the sea or open fields reduces costs and limits unnecessary interceptor launches. A single launcher can protect against a medium-size city

Video: Iron Dome in Action in Israel: Shooting Down Rockets

Iron Dome uses a unique interceptor with a special warhead that detonates the targets in the air within seconds. The system can handle multiple threats simultaneously and efficiently.

The Iron Dome system includes the following components:

· Mobile detection and tracking radar - Multi-Mission Radar (MMR)
· Battle Management & Control Unit
· Sensors
· Mobile Missile Firing Unit (MFU) with 20 "TAMIR" interceptors

The Iron Dome meets the following requirements:

· All weather operation
· Effective and selective handling of salvo threats aimed at the “Defended Zone“
· Threat warhead is detonated on its trajectory
· Threats are destroyed outside the defended area, during their flight
· Ignores targets predicted to fall outside the defended area zone
· Capable of continuous operation day/night and in all weather conditions
· The system can be connected to the high echelon Air Situation Picture
· Enables classification of target threat families
· The Battery with all its components is transportable and moveable
· Interceptors are maintenance free with a life cycle of 15 years.

Israel is also making drones. Try this link to see more about them.


/1/ Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

/2/ YouTube

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