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Feb 17, 2016

Jetman Canopy and "Bomb Bay" Idea

Since watching the many fascinating flights of "Jetman" team I came to the idea of a canopy that might add some comfort to the flying and also maybe add some extra fuel or bomb bay to the concept. When flying at 200 km/h or so with totally open cockpit the wind pressure to the head is rather large. Also in Jetman's case since the plane is so small the smallest movement of the head will steer the plane to any direction .. so it is rather hard to look around etc. without the wind ripping off your head if flying without any canopy at all.

So here is the idea:

Jetman Canopy (Sled) System idea

If the canopy is made of light materials (honey comp sandwich carbon fiber for example) it should not add much weight. Also the overall air resistance should not be much worse .. or it could even be better since the canopy is more optimal formed than the shoulders and head of the pilot. Notice also the quick release mechanism which allows the pilot to get rid of the canopy if required. The reason to locate the canopy under the belly is the fact that the parachute system needs as much as possible space behind the pilot.

Additionally some extra fuel or even weapons could be carried under the belly .. and also the much required avionics, such as air speed meters and navigators could be included inside the canopy.

Even some wheels might be installed in some future systems..

An future option might be to add small wheels to this sled and maybe even make runway takeoffs and or even landings with it .. but the hanging legs should maybe be included inside the sled in the latter case.

Jetman over Dubai

Here is the picture without the proposed sled.

* * *

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