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Jul 18, 2010

High G Simulators

Here is some information about high G simulators from USA. The Blue Angels tested the ATFS-400 Phoenix and their test video tells most of it. At some points it is a bit choppy but otherwise it is the best next to the real F-18C fighter aircraft.

Blue Angels Visit NASTAR Center

The most difficult region for any centrifuge type high G simulator must be the region around zero G. When flying it is easy to produce zero G (see the picture below).

Flying zero G

With a centrifuge the region between +1 and -1 G is impossible. As soon as the centrifuge turns the gondola upside down there will be -1 G without any smooth transition from  +1 G. The only way to produce zero G for small time periods is to have such a gondola that can be dropped to a free fall. I am assuming that the gryphon (GL-6000) concept could address this issue by dropping the cockpit? But even with that it is only possible for small time periods (see the video for GL-6000 below).

GL-6000 Gryphon Concept Render

To make a long period zero G you would need a very high drop tower.

Somebody on Drop Zone

Of course you could put a centrifuge in a drop tower. But I don't know if that is done anywhere in that scale .

Drop Centrifuge Type High G Simulator

ATFS 400

"A revolutionary new technology called the Authentic Tactical Flight Simulator (Model ATFS 400) developed by Environmental Tectonics Corporation now offers pilots a ground-based simulator that provides more realistic tactical air combat experience at a much lower cost per event without the risk of airborne training. Deploying the new technology and transferring even a small fraction of airborne training to the ATFS 400 will save hundreds of millions of tax dollars, eliminate the ever-present risk of live combat maneuvering practice engagement - and save millions of gallons of scarce fuel."

ATFS-400 - Royal Malaysian Air Force

NASTAR Tactical Fighter Training Simulator

ATFS-400 Phoenix


"The GL-4000 is a high-fidelity, single seat interactive motion platform providing users with 360 degrees of continuous and simultaneous motion in 4 axes of motion (planetary, pitch, roll and yaw). Up to 6 Gs of motion stimuli are generated in the planetary axis. The GL-4000 can be used for flight training or research applications."


The same simulator is also used to train space flight.

NASTAR Launch featuring Buzz Aldrin, Anousheh Ansari, and Greg Olsen

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