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Jun 4, 2012

Apollo Computer in Action (Part 2, Apollo Control Systems)

The LEM (and CSM) computer AGC (Apollo Guidance Computer) was connected to several sensors and controls which it used to get information about the position and situation of the vehicle it controlled.

The following video shows the method to determine the distance of the CSM during the Apollo mission by reading the angle between two known spots in the space. The video shows how to use similar display and keyboard that was used in LEM and CSM. Later in this same video also the method to build the block I AGC is shown in detail. The block I used transistors and the block II computer (the actual computer that was flown to the Moon) used simple intergrated circuitis.

"Computer For Apollo" (1965) - Science Reporter TV Series

The video also shows the "verb - noun" method used to communicate with the AGC. The user could enter verbs and nouns in the pattern "do - something" and the computer then did the requested task and then displayed the results.

The function of the "mark" button is also described. The mark button was used during the actual moon flights.

Some chief designers behind the AGC are also shown in this video: Eldon Hall, Ramon Alonzo and Albert Hopkins.

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