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Nov 28, 2014

Count Down for Orion EFT-1 Starting

EFT-1 should launch about December 4th, 2014.

[The EFT-1 liftoff happened Dec. 5, 2014, 7:05 ET. There were three attempts to launch it Dec. 4th but unsuccessful, two first attempts were interrupted by winds and the last one by a train valve which did not work properly. Then the launch window closed and further attempts shifted to the next day.] 

Here are some links.

The old Kennedy Space Center count down clock

The new KSC count down clock with a video display

When: December 4, 7:04 am (or some sources 7:05am)
Where: SLC-37B, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Kennedy Space Center
Orion Exploration Flight Test -1

COUNT DOWN to 7:04am
(Miami local time at 
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station,
Kennedy Space Center,

Kennedy Space Center, Florida

SLC-37A has never been used



EF-1 Setup

Orion EFT-1 - Delta IV Heavy Countdown Timeline

T-       Event

L-08:15:00 Mobile Service Tower Retraction

6 h

L-06:00:00 Orion Spacecraft Activation

05:15:00 Countdown Clock Initialization
               Countdown Initiation                                 (HOLDING)
               Countdown Briefing
05:15:00 Redundant Inertial Flight Control Assembly Activation

5 h

4:50:00 Launch Area Clear
4:35:00 Go/No GO for Propellant Loading
4:30:00 Cryogenic Tanking begins
4:30:00 Common Booster Core LH2 Tank Chilldown
4:10:00 Common Booster Core LH2 Loading in Slow Fill

4 h

4:00:00 CBC LH2 Load Transitions to Fast Fill
4:00:00 Common Booster Core LOX Tank Chilldown
3:50:00 Common Booster Core LOX Loading in Slow Fill
3:45:00 CBC LOX Load Transition to Fast Fill
3:35:00 C-Band Beacon Checkouts, GPS Verifications
3:25:00 Delta Cryogenic Upper Stage LH2 Tank Chilldown
             Guidance System Activation
3:15:00 Orion Mission Control Team on Console
3:10:00 CBC LH2 Topping - Fill & Drain Valve Checks
3:05:00 DCSS LH2 Loading

3 h

2:55:00 CBC LOX Topping - Fill & Drain Valve Checks
2:45:00 Delta Cryogenic Upper Stage LOX Tank Chilldown
            Launch Weather Briefing
2:35:00 DCSS LOX Loading

2 h

2:00:00 DCSS LH2 Topping
1:40:00 Landing Weather Update
1:35:00 DCSS LOX Topping
1:25:00 Radio/Telemetry Link Checks, FTS Checks
1:10:00 Command Receiver Decoder Testing

1 h

1:00:00 Flight Termination System Testing complete

50 min

0:50:00 RS-68 Engine Spin Start Pressurization
             RS-68 Gimbal Steering Checks

25 min

0:25:00 Weather Briefing

8 min

0:08:00 Launch Pad Ordnance Armed
             Weather Update                             (T-4 Minutes HOLDING)
             Orion Spacecraft to Internal Power (L-8 Minutes)
             Final Status Polls
             Launch Director GO/No GO; Range Clear

4 min

0:04:00 Delta IV to internal Power
0:04:00 Arm Safe and Arm Switches
0:04:00 DCSS Tank Propellant Securing
0:03:30 Transfer to Internal complete
0:03:30 Common Booster Core Propellant Tank Securing
0:03:15 CBC Pre-Press

3 min

0:03:00 Common Booster Core LOX secure at Flight Level
0:03:00 Common Booster Core LH2 secure at Flight Level
0:03:00 Vehicle Ordnance Arming
0:03:00 CBC LOX at Flight Level and Flight Pressure

2 min

0:02:00 Master Script Running
0:02:00 Second Stage LOX Securing
0:02:00 Hydraulic System to Flight Pressure
0:01:45 CBC LH2 at Flight Level and Flight Pressure
0:01:30 Second Stage LOX secured at Flight Level
0:01:20 Second Stage LH2 Securing
0:01:20 LOX Ground Support Equipment secured

1 min

0:01:00 Range Verification
0:00:50 Second Stage LH2 secure at Flight Level
0:00:45 Launch Enable
0:00:45 Main Power Off
0:00:25 Green Board
0:00:15 Launch Vehicle Igniters armed
0:00:14 Radially Outward Firing Initiators Ignition

10 sec

0:00:10 Terminal Countdown Sequencer (TCS) in Control
0:00:07 Starboard RS-68 Main LH2 Valve Open
0:00:05.5 Center & Port RS-68 LH2 Valve Open
0:00:03.5 Starboard RS-68 LOX Valve Open
0:00:02.0 Center & Port RS-68 LOX Valve Open
0:00:02.0 RS-68 Main Engines to Full Thrust Level - 102%
0:00:00.04 Launch Commit
0:00:00.00 Hold-Down Release
0:00:00.00 LIFTOFF

The KSC Count Down clock has been replaced with a new one

Old KSC count down clock being removed

The new KSC Count Down clock

I maybe liked the old one more.. but the new one gives more information..

* * *

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