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Dec 8, 2014

NASA's Orion EFT-1 Successful

NASA's new spacecraft Orion made a successful flight test Dec. 5, 2014. The mission (EFT-1, Exploration Flight Test) took 4 and ½ hours and circulated twice the Earth. The peak altitude was just under 6000 km (3600 mi) above sea level.

Here is a 1 and ½ hour video about the whole flight and a short video about the post flight rescue operation:

1 and ½ h video about Orion EFT-1 Full Mission

More detailed video about the post flight rescue operation

And some photos:

Orion liftoff on a Delta IV Heavy launch vehicle Dec. 5, 2014, 7:05 ET Miami time at KSC

Orion capsule after splashdown waiting to be rescued

Orion's first flight Dec. 5, 2014

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