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Oct 18, 2016

JB-10 Latest Jetpack

Looks like Jetpack people have again created a new version of their "real jetpack", real meaning that it really uses jets and not rockets like some earlier versions of jetpacks did.

Jetpack JB-10 new in 2016 flown single handed.

Here are some new videos about it. With about 10 minutes of flight time it is a great device.

Jetpack JB-10 fly by

Looking forward the day when they interbreed the jetpack and the jetwing .. that would be the ultimate personal jet .. slow speed take-offs and landings using it as a jetpack and higher speed flying using it as a jetwing.

YouTube video - "Jetpack JB10 flies for the first time in Europe"

YouTube video - "JetPack Aviation JB10 Principality of Monaco Flight #2.."

Buzz Lightyear seems to be able to do it already (fly and make landings with it). Additionally he also makes a re-entry to some planet!


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