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Oct 12, 2016

New Tiny PC - Intel Compute Stick

The new Intel Compute Stick (2016) is a fully functional Windows PC with "HD" and memory and connects directly to the monitor's HDMI connector. It has USB and other ports in it, fully functional PC with minimal effort.

Intel Compute Stick, small but fully functional PC (Windows) computer

Here are some videos about it from Intel.

There are basically two types of sticks available: Atom processor and Core m3/m5 processor based sticks. Atom sticks are slower but also cheaper. The following picture illustrates the current market. The full product line is listed here.

Year 2016 Intel Compute Stick products and typical prices.

Finally the computer is so small that there is no problem to place it. For example behind the monitor or TV. The always interesting graphics capabilities are defined by "Intel HD Graphics". If you are a game player you might choose the Core-m version of the product. Here is a game play with the Core-m3 processor.

The Intel Compute Stick size is typically 37 x 103 mm and slim.

Inside the stick you will find lot of modern highly integrated circuits.

Inside Intel Compute Stick

What will be the future? Do we maybe have a fully integrated single chip PC computer year 2026? Time will give us an answer.

Here is an interesting test for a 99 $ Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 and shows that the 4 k video streaming is ok.

YouTube video: "Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 Unbox and Test "

Samsung UN105S9 105 inch ultra-high-definition 4K television.



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