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Nov 20, 2011

Form, Lift, Drag and Propulsion

Some videos from the University of Iowa: /1/

"In the fifth video of the series, emphasis is laid upon the role of boundary-layer separation in modifying the flow pattern and producing longitudinal and lateral components of force on a moving body. Various conditions of separation and methods of separation control are first illustrated. Attention is then given to the distribution of pressure around typical body profiles and its relation to the resulting drag. The concept of circulation introduced in the second film is developed to explain the forces on rotating bodies and the forced vibration of cylin dri cal bodies. Structural failure of unstable sections is demonstrated."

"Introduction to the timeless educational series by brilliant German aeronautical engineer Dr. Alexander Lippisch, explaining the phenomena and physics of of flight in an understandable and engaging manner. Produced in 1955 by the University of Iowa."



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