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Nov 18, 2011

What plane?

This picture was in a magazine taken before 1927. The question was what is the plane with that strange over the wing motor installation?

Since it is a monoplane before 1927 and the guy (pilot) smoking on the right looks very much like Anthony Fokker it must be some prototype of the Fokker F VII. Here are some additional pictures and videos of the F VII model.

On the left Anthony Fokker sitting in a cockpit frame

Last flight of a Fokker F.VIIa

Fokker F.VII was also the first airplane to fly over the north pole.

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  1. Although already posted in 2011, I should to react on your unidentified plane. The trimotor is the Dutch Koolhoven designed FK.33. As Koolhoven was in that time (1925) the chief constructor of the NVI (Nationale Vliegtuig Industrie) it is historically correctly identified as the NVI FK.33. Today it is mostly identified as the Koolhoven FK.33.
    Th drawing is made exactly of a picture which gives the same scene. This can be found on this page

  2. Thank you for the very accurate identification of the plane!