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Oct 20, 2011

Launch Date Today; Galileo IOV 2 First Satellites

Galileo IOV (In Orbit Validation) 2 first satellites should be launched today or tomorrow in Guiana Space Centre, French Guiana using Russian Soyuz ST-B launcher with Fregat-MT upper stage. /1/

Galileo IOV Satellite

These 2 satellites are the first two satellites of the actual Galileo system consisting of 30 satellites. Until now different tests have been going on with preliminary type Galileo satellites.

Satellites waiting on a Soyuz launch vehicle to be launched

Soyuz - Galileo IOV launch delayed

At the moment: 20 October 2011, following an anomaly detected during fueling of the Soyuz launcher’s third stage, the final countdown has been interrupted. Soyuz and its two Galileo IOV satellites, along with the launch facility, have been placed in a safe mode. A new launch date will be announced later today. /2/

And here it goes

Here is more about the Galileo and factors affecting its accuracy.




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