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Oct 14, 2011

Yuneec 81 hp (60 kW) Direct Drive Brushless DC Motor (and Some Testing)

With low rpm (2400 1/min) this is an interesting direct propeller drive motor for the next generation fully electric aircraft. On top of all you get the whole power pack from the same company, including motors, controllers, chargers and batteries.

Here is more information:

Here is an interesting video about a kit been tested in an old VW.

and an other controller driving 3-phase AC motor from DC.

in an airplane application you might not want to have any shutdown circuits even if the drive might be getting hot .. you just slow down so much that the circuit cools down and give a warning light.

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  1. The Yuneec motors are vaporware! Fluff! Lies!
    I inquired about purchase last year and they never even got back to me.

  2. The 60 kW motor might be vaporware, but I've powered the 10, 20, and 40 kW motors in 2009. A new 24 kW motor is powering the Yuneec eSpyder but Yuneec says they aren't selling the motors separately yet.